Sponsorship Studio Booth

Interested in partnering with Studio Booth to promote your company, event, or product? We understand fundraisers, non-profits, and small businesses often face limited budgets. For select events we offer a Sponsorship Studio Booth with a discounted booking rate to help make for a more valuable investment. Our priority is to help you promote, entertain, and create a truly memorable event.

Studio Booth


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Select events only
Subject to Availability

  • 3 Hours of Photographic Entertainment
  • Professional Entertainer
  • Your choice of in stock seamless background
  • Remotes for guests to trigger images
  • Instant live streaming of images
  • iPad image browsing
  • Gallery cards with access passcode for guests
  • Prop assortment
  • Your company / product logo featured on final images
  • Private online gallery
  • Unlimited free guest downloads¬†
  • Studio Booth logo featured on final images* (required)
  • Subject to availability*
  • Booking $750



What it’s like to party with a Studio Booth