Our #1 priority is to provide an unforgettable experience for everyone who parties with a Studio Booth. We’re not there standing in the background, we’re on site partying with you, representing your brand, and entertaining your guests because that’s what we do best and that’s what allows us to make better images with you. We know how to have a good time and how and make you look and feel fabulous while doing it. Consequently we make a lot of friends and get a lot of hugs, high fives, and air kisses. That feedback is the ultimate reward and  invaluable to a small business like ours.  You let us know we’re doing it right. Although we value modesty, we are very proud of the images we create and the connections we make with people. The majority of feedback is generously given in person and we’d like to share some with you!

We love what we do. This is why:

Fellow pros – if you are looking for a studio booth for your event, these gals are charming, creative, encouraging and captured moments unlike any booth I’ve been in. Bravo!
Cynthia Glinka (Dance instructor at

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 5.15.59 PM
FINALLY! A photobooth done right! We see so many but none as well thought out as this. – Wedding photographer 2014.04

Our CEO questioned if you guys were part of our company. We kept saying no but he COULDN’T BELIEVE a contracted vendor could get that pumped about OUR brand. Way to represent us! ::High Five::  – Kaiser Rep 2013.09
I’ve seen a lot of photo booths but NOTHING like this. You guys are awesome and your photos are so…. VIBRANT…  so QUALITY! – DJ 2013.08
NEW PROFILE PHOTO! – (yelled 3,085 times and counting)
You are the best!! You made it fun for everyone…the perfect icebreaker, no, ice melter! – site testimonial 2013.08
Dang! Seriously… you’re fabulous. I can’t get enough!! I look so GOOD! You are SO F-A-B Come here! ::air kisses:: – party love 2013.07
THANK YOU! You gave us a chance to be silly, something I haven’t done is such a long time. – mother of the bride 2013.07
You guys were the hit of the party! – client flattery 2013.01
We had a step and repeat banner at our wedding and we thought it was the greatest thing in the WORLD… until we saw THIS! – Guest Praise 2012.12
I attended the Junior Legaue Mistletoes and Martinis party last weekend. I have participated in many photobooths before, but the difference with StudioBoothing was the photographer. He really got us involved in taking the photos and suggested simple actions (hands up, jumping, etc.) which turned out really awesome in the photos and really added character. Sounds simple, but what a difference an active photographer who knows what looks good in photos makes! Thanks! – site testimonial 2012.12
Your staff for the wedding were just WONDERFUL! Very friendly. I will be recommending your company to everyone I know and we’ll be using you on our next family event. THANK YOU! – site testimonial 2011.08
…the photographers (I think there was a team of two–you could say they were a duet of pleasures! Such sweet, personable ladies with a penchant for putting a smile on anyone’s face) really got me to relax. Their energy was infectious, and you could really tell that they put their everything into composing a well-lit, well-composed, and–can you believe it??-natural looking shot. I am so beyond impressed with the timeliness and graciousness of Studio Booths – Aurora, Yelp 2010.11

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