Features & Customizations

Interactive coaching with our team of professional entertainers
Open Air Sets
Themed Prop Collections
Custom Made Props
On Site Editing
Custom Name Props*
Custom Brand Props*
Premium Printed Drapes*
4″x6″ Souvenir Printing
Logo & Text Branding
Gallery Cards

*Included with Designer Photoshoot
Color Matched Confetti
Custom Gallery Download Cards
Animated GIFs
Photoshoot Time-lapse Video
Photo Guestbook Station
Souvenir Photo Folder Frames
Blacklight Staging
Printed Step + Repeat Logo Drape
Red Carpet + Stanchions
Photo Book of Highlights
Custom Logo Design
Cocktail Hour Photoshoot
Balloon Wall
Custom Made Drapes
Costumed Entertainers
Custom Designed Photo Folders

Photoshoot Features

At Studio Booths we specialize in interactive entertainment photoshoots. Our custom designed mobile productions are an innovative approach to the traditional photobooth. With open air floor plans, customizable sets, on site coaching, dynamic studio lighting, and professional post production, we transform photography into full party entertainment for an unforgettable and completely unique addition to your event!


Our entertainers are what set us apart from all the other photo booths on the market today. Each photoshoot is staffed with two professional entertainers who ensure your guests will feel invited, coached, and creatively challenged during your event. We come stocked full of ideas to create images that are not only beautiful but also unforgettable! (top)

Open Air Sets

We set up fun open-air photoshoots with professional beauty lighting and camera equipment. Our sets are eye-catching and inviting to guests and are regularly used as an extension of the room decor! We carefully consider placement, room flow, visibility, timing, and interaction to ensure a successful experience. (top)

Themed Prop Collection

We’re really into our props and create fun and unique collections for each event based on your theme, color pallet, and interests. With over 2000 props in stock, many of which are hand made, we have a wide range of options! Looking for something specific? Let us know! We may have it or may be able to source it for you! (top)

Custom Made Props

Our Custom Made Props are designed and created by our experienced team of makers. They are made of a durable recyclable plastic and are built to withstand fun! Whether you are hosting a milestone birthday or anniversary, Mitzvah, holiday party, or fully themed event – we’ve got you covered! We have a variety of in-stock phrases and numbers and are always up to make a unique phrase or design for your event! (top)

On-Site Editing

All of our photoshoots go through professional post production when edited on-site and before they are released in your private gallery. The benefit of having someone right there working through your photoshoot means we are able to provide the best possible imagery and also to remove any embarrassing or inappropriate content. (top)

Souvenir Prints

Our 4” x 6” souvenir prints are vibrant archive quality – ready to frame, be put on the fridge, or hung in your office! We print a photo for every member of every group each time you come through the photoshoot! (top)

Included Logo, Text or Branding

Display your event logo, company brand, or event text on the souvenir prints and digital downloads! We take your existing logo or preferred text and optimize it to best display on your images. (top)

Gallery Cards for Downloads

Each guest who enters the photoshoot will leave with a download card that grants them access to the private online gallery of images three days after the event. All of the images go through post production editing and are available for 1 year as high resolution downloads so guests can share them on their social media, send to friends and family, or take them to a local printing place. (top)

Photoshoot Customizations

Animated Gifs

As part of your delivered gallery we create 1-2 animated GIFs for each group that came through the photoshoot. (top)

Balloon Booth

Our Balloon Booth ups our entertainment experience another notch! We bring a full sized balloon pit filled with balloons in your choice of colors with a background to go along with your event. Guests enter the sea of balloons and we take posed portraits followed by fun candids of them playing with the balloons, tossing them in the air, throwing them at each other, etc and capture the joy on their faces! *Inquire for pricing (top)

Balloon Wall

Create a 3-D poppy wall for your celebration! With a variety of colors and combinations available, the options are seemingly endless to create the background of your dreams! We can host the balloon wall as is, or add-on a Custom Name or Phrase sign! *Inquire for pricing (top)

Blacklight Staging

Wash your photoshoot in Blacklight to set the atmosphere! The final images will still present with our standard beauty lighting, however the ambiance of your photoshoot will be transformed and gets guests into a fun “glow” state of mind. (top)

Cocktail Station

Are you hosting your cocktail hour and reception in different parts of the venue? We can set up a separate Cocktail Station for guests to use during the first part of your party before they transition into the main event. This station includes props, an in-stock drape, an hour of entertainment, and souvenirs prepared for pickup later in the evening. This can be styled with one of many in-stock drape options or custom printed for $250. (top)

Confetti Bomb

Shower your guests with our custom colorful confetti collections! The slow floating tissue is designed to make an energetic statement and add colorful bursts to match your event colors. (top)

Costumed Entertainers

Want to add a live prop to your photoshoot? Hosting an outer space event and need an alien or astronaut? Hosting a sports themed event and need some referees? Maybe you need a princess, storm trooper, lifeguard, some paparazzi, or Halloween characters… Our team has you covered and loves any reason to dress up! (top)

Custom Gallery Cards

Let us design custom download cards to display your logo or branding! A great way to commemorate your event, launch a product, or help new customers remember your name. (top)

Custom Name Props

Personalize your event props with the name of the guest of honor, last name of the newlyweds, or your event hashtag! Our signs are designed to be played with while also being stylish enough to feature in an office, home, or play space when you’re done! (top)

Custom Brand Props

Step up your photoshoot with a custom sign showing off your brand or company logo! A great way to bring teams together or launch a new product! We work with you on design, colors, and availability. (top)

Custom Made Drapes

Some events call for a fully custom drape that is best made by hand! Our designers have a variety of these hand made drapes in stock, but are always willing to create something special to make your photoshoot perfectly unforgettable! (top)

Premium Printed Drapes

Our high resolution printed scenes add a brilliant depth of character to each photoshoot. When paired with our fully staged sets, they make a statement on site and are perfect for extending your event decor. These vibrant drapes help guests get a fully immersive experience so they become involved and react vs just using a bland green screen. (top)

Custom Step + Repeat Logo Drapes

Want a one of a kind background for your photoshoot? We can design a custom Step and Repeat or Logo drape specifically to celebrate your event. The Custom Step and Repeat Drape process includes design mockups and styling services and are available in a variety of colors and sizes with almost endless options and opportunities. *These also make a great addition to our VIP entrance! (top)

Logo Design

Don’t have a logo you are using for your event? No problem, we can design one for you! We take your theme and ideas into mind and create a variety of options for you to choose from. (top)

Photo Folders – Black Studio Folders

Our Black Studio Photo Folders provide a polished protective cover for your event photos and a tabletop display frame when open. We include one folder per invited guest. (top)

Photo Folders – Custom Designed Folders

Get your branding or logo printed directly on a luxury Custom Designed Photo Folder to commemorate your special occasion! These can also double as the download card with the gallery information included directly on the folder. (top)

Photo Guestbook Station

There are about a dozen ways of hosting this experience wrong, but we’ve found solutions to ensure you leave with something you will treasure forever! We offer pre-mounted archival albums that stay assembled, have thick pages to prevent bleeding through and absorb ink from the perfect felt tipped pens so there is no smearing, and we help mount the photos so it’s clean, beautiful, and fully complete by the end of the event. (top)

Photo Book of Highlights

Display your photoshoot in a photo book you can easily share with friends and family and display on the coffee table, in your room, or in the office! We create a photo book with highlight photos from your entire photoshoot put together in a wonderful keepsake. (top)

Time Lapse Video

As part of the post production process we will take a uniform crop of your photoshoot and put it together with music to make a time-lapse video of everyone enjoying your photoshoot! These videos are a great keepsake and a fun way for guests and people who were unable to make it to watch the whole shoot without having to scroll through the gallery. (top)

VIP Entrance

Add a “Red” carpet and stanchions to your photoshoot so guests get the fully immersive VIP treatment the minute they enter the shoot! The carpets are available in a variety of colors to match your drape and event colors and allow us to take full body photographs! *A common use of the VIP Entrance is to combine it with a Step and Repeat background and/or use it as the Cocktail Station! (top)