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We LOVE collaborating with coordinators! Our photoshoots are designed to complement the vision party planners and professional event designers have for their events and we have lots of resources to help with that! This page includes links and flyers to help you present the services to your clients, reserve your party dates, find inspiration to elevate your events, and easily see all of the latest customizations we have available for your partiers!

We have simplified the booking process with two packages: The first is a flat rate, all-inclusive Designer Photoshoot which allows you to skip the custom estimate and move straight to partying! This includes any in stock premium backdrop or concept design we source and print for you! This also includes your client’s choice of two premium customizations. The second option is an a la carte Entertainment Photoshoot. The same unforgettable experience but without the extra bells and whistles so guests can customize to fit specific event budgets.

We hope a streamlined booking process will help our coordinators bypass some of the administrative steps so we can spend more time styling! Send us your event dates to confirm availability and any styling details you have and let’s get started!

The Designer Photoshoot

  • Our All-Inclusive Premium Package
  • One flat rate, including sales tax (Designed for ease of booking with no custom estimates)
  • We provide a custom proposal with drape and prop concepts to match the event theme, occasion, or brand
  • Includes any in stock premium drape or custom graphic printed for their event
  • Includes client’s choice of two customizations
  • Comes with custom cut brand or name prop

Online PDF:

The Entertainment Photoshoot

  • Our most popular photoshoot with a la carte add-ons
  • One base photoshoot + background tier options.
  • Add-on’s available at the bottom of the flyer
  • Best for clients who would like to customize a package to fit a specific budget
  • Request a custom estimate based on your preferences + sales tax

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See how we style our photoshoots to match the event:

Premium In Stock Drapes

Get Colorful with our Seamless Walls!